Check Out These Wall Art Styles

Adding a little more color and character to your home is never a bad idea – and one of the easiest ways to do this is to hang new wall art items. But with so many different options, how can you choose the best wall art for your home? We recommend that you take inspiration from the recent design trends of the year, and then adapt them to your own style. We have compiled a List of the best wall art styles for 2022 – All of them are easy to recreate at home without hiring a professional Designer!

Abstract Art

In 2022, you will see Abstract Art not only in museums and galleries but also in many interior design projects. Works that express the visual language of form, color, and line can make extremely powerful statements about interior design. And if you prefer rather a classic wall art Arrangements, you can always try to combine “bold” with “timeless” – framed prints with abstract images, for example, are a surefire solution for any home.

Custom Prints

Custom photo prints are really having a Moment – and in 2022 (and beyond), more and more personal photos will be printed for use as wall art. Nothing expresses our personality better than our own photos – and no mass-produced print can compete with photos taken at special moments in our lives.

What are the right trends for your home?

Every year, new decoration trends appear – and if some turn out to be timeless, others are quickly forgotten. So how do you make the right choice and decorate your home in style without blindly following the recent Design influencers? In the second part of this article, we will give you some tips on how to incorporate hot trends into your home design.

Choose meaningful images

Let’s clarify one thing -just because Abstract Art is all the rage right now doesn’t mean you have to cover your walls with it. (Although nothing prevents you if you really like Abstract Art!) The same rule applies to any other trend in wall art – it makes no sense to recreate a fashionable Look to the smallest detail. The most important thing is to choose prints that you like.

That said, there is no need to completely ignore the current decoration trends – after all, Abstract Art or custom prints are quite wide categories, so you can easily find or create images that are fashionable and are always important to you. To cite just one example: creating a custom photo wall art does not necessarily mean taking the photos yourself. You can also select images from the Photo Bank that represent places or concepts that are of particular interest to you.

Resize Your Space

It is important to take into account the available space before making the final decision about your future wall art. The rule is simple: go big if you have an entire wall to play with; stick to smaller rooms if you are working with limited wall space. Note, however, that you can also fill a large wall with a number of small and medium-sized prints that appear as a Gallery wall. Or you can get really big and just choose an extra-large print that acts as an independent statement piece.

Show off your wall art like a pro

It is worth carefully thinking over all the details of your future wall art arrangement. Where will you hang the prints? Will there be any additional decorative features? How should you set up The lighting for your statement wall? These are all important questions that you need to clarify before opening the toolkit.

A simple but effective policy: display impressions at eye level. When you create a Gallery wall, some features will inevitably appear higher or lower, which is good in this context. However, do not forget to allow a few centimeters of air to breathe around each feature.