Great Steam Shower Ideas for Your Home

Many folks still believe that steam showers and saunas are the same, but they are not. You will undoubtedly become hot and perspire in both. However, whereas a steam room produces moist and humid heat, a sauna provides a much hotter and dry heat.

Customer Built Or Off-The-Shelf?

There are several options for adding a steam shower to the home. One of these would be to have it custom built. It can be within an existing bathroom space or a completely separate room. One key advantage is choosing the exact steam shower size and shape to suit your available space.

Selecting The Right Size Steam Generator

When proceeding along the custom-built steam shower route, one of the essential items required is the steam generator. They can be purchased in several different Kilowatt sizes ranging from a small 3kw to 18kw and beyond. The cubic capacity of the steam room size determines the size of the steam generator needed.

The Correct Steam Generator Size Matters

Having a too small steam generator for the bathroom space means the maximum heat and temperature for the shower will not be reached. This creates an unsatisfactory experience, and likewise, a steam generator too large is simply a waste of resources and can lead to overheating issues.

Making That All Important Calculation

First, measure the dimensions of the intended steam room space in feet and inches. Then multiply the Width x Length x Height, and this will provide the Cubic Feet size of the area. As a guide, a 3kw model is sufficient for up to 120 CF, 9kw for 350 CF, 12kw for 500 CF, etc.

Converting An Existing Shower For Steam

Provided your existing shower is watertight, there’s no reason why you could not add the steam function. Steam is boiled water that turns into water drops and exits via the waste as shower water does. In making your shower “steam proof,” there will be alterations required.

Steam Shower Conversion Kits

There are some great value steam generator kits for up to 120 cubic feet for existing showers. These can include a 3kw steam generator, control panel, hoses, speakers, covers, and the steam inlet pod and ozone unit. The control panel often has FW radio and Bluetooth functionality too.

Steam Shower Accessories & Enhancements

Various accessory items can enhance the steam shower experience. One such popular and stylish feature is Chromatherapy lighting which, like steam, also has health-giving benefits. Use your preferred Search engine to locate more details about Chromatherapy.