Tips For Window Treatments For Kids Room

Overall, fabric window treatments such as curtains or custom Roman shades for children’s rooms are highly recommended, as they offer such a wide range of textures, colors and patterns. Treatments without fabric can seem clinical, boring and irrelevant in a space designed to radiate energy and vivacity. In addition, custom fabric window treatments give you great leverage over the desired length and width, as well as the sewing style to meet your specific needs.

Tips to consider when buying window treatments for children’s rooms

The curtains are a richly sewn window treatment in the form of ruffles, while the Roman shades are relatively minimalist covers. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages and are oriented to specific tastes and preferences. Be sure to consider the following things, no matter what you choose:

Ensure safety with window treatments of the right length

Floor-length curtains can serve as swings for a naughty child. Crawling toddlers can get stuck in long puddle curtains and suffocate. Long-threshold curtains and Roman shades can save you from many moments of anxiety and save you from the unpleasant task of correcting your child again and again. Custom curtains allow you to have the desired length if the standard sizes are too long. Roman shades are always long and take you away from the worry zone.

Mount the equipment safely

Extension bars avoid annoying screwing but are simply not suitable for children’s rooms. A strong movement, if not a gentle movement, will pull down the curtain and frighten the poor man. Always use hardware that can be firmly attached to the wall. Screw the Roman blinds or blinds according to the instructions.

Choose an easy-care fabric

You know how many times you have to clean the Children’s Room. Be sure to choose sturdy materials that withstand frequent washing-drying cycles without losing their charm. Cotton, linen or poly blends are recommended for regular use. It is better to avoid delicate silk and velvet, as they may not bear the high maintenance costs.

Create an environment conducive to Sleep

If you find it difficult to put your child to sleep, we strongly recommend that you make custom-made curtains or blinds with a blackout lining behind them. They make it possible to darken the room and largely reduce external noise. Pull the curtain or The shadow and see! It looks like night and the little one is dragged into sleep effortlessly. The blackout lining also provides additional insulation to the room, helping to make winter warmer and summer cooler.

Ensure the inaccessibility of the cord

Many parents opt for Roman shades to avoid all the quarrels that the curtains are the new corner of the hiding place, but forget that the ropes do not give a naughty child less room for a game. So buy Roman blinds or blinds that are cordless, or those that come with chain locks, so you won’t lose the benefit of the smart deal.

Choose colors that create a good mood

It has been proven that colors have a big impact on children’s moods and behavior. Some colors appeal to you, others make you anxious. When choosing curtains or shades for your room, let the color reflect your personality and help create the mood that you want to dominate in the room.

Bring motives of visual interest

Drawings serve to create a contrast and, accordingly, to attract attention. Spunky patterns can awaken energy, playful patterns create a carefree space, sharp patterns give security. Stripes, Polkas, flowers and themed prints were the popular choice for children’s rooms. Make sure that the pattern you have chosen fits into the overall design. Complementing patterns of different scales in at least two other elements of the room will help tie the Space together.

Show restraint in ornaments

Exaggerating the bells and whistles is a common mistake in children’s rooms. Custom window treatments offer a huge scope for customization by adding moldings on the edges of the panel. Pom-Pom trim and tassels add mood and playfulness to the piece, but the loose trimmings that can fall on a playful tug can be an attractive find for a teething baby. Summarizing your creative adventure in an elegant ribbon can avoid an unpleasant episode.

Make sure of the total distance from the window

Fresh air and plenty of light are necessary for the healthy growth of your child. If the windows in the Children’s Room are small or narrow, make sure that the window treatments completely fall out of the frame when they are opened. Mount the screen well above the window and the curtain rod well above the window frame so that the window capacity is not reduced by the screen/curtain stack space.